Only 1,000 Superhero NFTs

Paying homage to the collectible luchador albums from the 80s, each Astroluchador will be designed by renowned, award-winning artists.

The NFT minting process will not be automated or randomized.

Instead, the NFTs will be hand-drawn and colored gradually unveiled and sold at auction. You decide which superhero belongs to you!

Additionally, there will be 1,000 Creator-only NFTs available for a fixed affordable price for creators who only want to submit their project for funding. These will not feature any superhero nor will benefit from Astrolucha’s efforts at large.

Benefits for NFT Holders

By owning a unique Astrolucha fighter, you enter a community of fans, underdogs, lucha-libre afficionados, creators, artists, gamers, writers, performers and filmmakers!

Benefits include: exclusive user picture; ability to write your fighter’s origin story; valuable rewards from gaming; prizes when you enter tournament battles; guaranteed airdrops; participation in licensing deals to adapt your fighter into a comic book, graphic novel, film or series; free digital copies of every project Astrolucha finances and acquires!

Astrolucha will retain rights to the IP to protect your superhero from thieves. If you decide to sell your NFT, Astrolucha will take a commission, broken down to fund projects, the mothership, and artists.

As an NFT holder, you will have the right to submit your original project for funding
, whether it is based on your superhero or not, we’re open to original ideas for comics, graphic novels, games, podcasts, films and series. The Mothership will curate the top projects and the rest of the NFT holders will vote on what projects are funded!

NFT holders will have exclusive access to premieres, panels with artists and filmmakers, merchandise, online gaming, metaverse experiences, crypto rewards and prizes!