Our Mission

As creators in a highly centralized world, we are luchadores defending our right to tell – and own – our stories. The demand for diverse content is a business opportunity worth millions of dollars! Through utility NFTs, Astrolucha champions diversity by funding and distributing creators directly.

Our NFT is more than a collectible – it’s a call to action!

Our mission is to disrupt the entertainment industry by funding comics, graphic novels, games, podcasts, film and series, and become the A24 for crypto-financed films, the Marvel for NFT-based comics and the Netflix of web3 streaming of content.

Our Values

Lucha means more than a “fight” – it connotes pride, determination and the relentless pursuit of a noble goal. Hopeful in nature, Lucha is a superpower. To have lucha in the heart is to never give up for what’s right. ¡Esto es lucha! This is how we fight!